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Continuous Improvement Loop.
Our approach to your success.

Emissions data isn’t static and neither is your sustainability journey. Our approach is to develop a repeatable process that improves year-over-year for seamless comparison.


Establish a foundational baseline to map crucial insights and compare annual progress


Measure Data
Quantify & transform emissions data for a clear overview of your carbon footprint


Craft emissions reports for stakeholder communication, disclosures, or global transparency


Set ambitious targets, build your plan and make informed decisions around making reductions


Translate GHG emissions data into tangible actions that drive impactful sustainability measures

Our Solutions

Regardless of where you are in your climate journey, the SustainaBase platform will empower you to reach your environmental targets. Tackle GHG challenges end-to-end, from initial data gathering to crafting and implementing effective reduction strategies, all backed by reliable data.


Scope 3 & Supply Chain Management

Incorporating strategies to measure, manage, and reduce scope 3 emissions is an integral part of effective supply chain management. It not only diminishes your carbon footprint but minimizes operations inefficiencies, mitigates risk and drives long-term value for your business.


Third-Party Disclosures

By fulfilling third-party disclosures like Net Zero, CDP, and Project Gigaton, companies fortify their credibility and stakeholder trust, demonstrating a tangible commitment to sustainability while effectively countering the risk of greenwashing with proven action.


SEC & State Regulatory Reporting

In the face of increasing regulatory scrutiny, transparent carbon emissions disclosure aids in maintaining compliance, mitigating risks, and navigating potential penalties. Beyond this defensive measure, it also presents strategic advantages, offering both protection and opportunity in the climate-conscious business landscape.

SustainaBase Founders
Our Philosophy

Empowering companies to thrive in the low-carbon economy

If recent years have taught us anything it’s that today’s actions create tomorrow’s impact. Much like the interwoven tapestry of the natural world, business operations and their supply chains leave profound environmental imprints.

At SustainaBase, we illuminate the path toward understanding and diminishing these environmental footprints, guiding businesses toward smart growth in the burgeoning low-carbon economy. Harnessing data, innovative technology and climate science expertise, we meet our clients where they’re at to equip them and their supply chains with crucial insights to track their environmental impacts and thrive as they act to reduce them.

Pioneering a new era of sustainability, SustainaBase helps executives conserve precious time, eliminate uncertainties and cultivate confidence in every environmentally aware decision. We’re more than a data company — we’re stewards of a sustainable future.

Use Case Studies

See how other organizations have used our GHG solutions to conquer their climate goals.

Country Sweet Produce: Pioneering Sustainability in Agribusiness

THE MISSION Efficiently comply with Walmart’s Project Gigaton requirements, meet diverse customer sustainability demands, and Country Sweet Produce: Pioneering Sustainability in Agribusiness

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Nsight: Crafting a Carbon Accounting Benchmark for the Future

THE MISSION Companies embarking on a sustainability journey for the first time need to establish Nsight: Crafting a Carbon Accounting Benchmark for the Future

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How Garden of Life Became the First Company in its Category to Have All Products Certified Carbon Neutral

A solution that tracks and monitors their global supply chain

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