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Welcome to a new era in sustainability — one driven by hard data rather than guesses. The SustainaBase platform is an innovative carbon accounting software designed by environmental scientists and programmers to streamline the complicated GHG data emissions process and turn emissions into tangible action.


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Environmental data insights. Big business impact.

All your GHG data in one unified platform

An interactive dashboard delivers a complete picture of company emissions data in one place at a glance.

Carbon emissions management simplified

Demystify activity, operations and emissions data to know what to track and how to make sense of it all.

Track Scope 1, 2 & 3 emissions

Explore each GHG category in detail. Select tracking categories and customize according to your company’s specific needs.

Gain environmental insights to reduce emissions

Harness data insights to segment emissions by scope, department, category, location, facility and more, illuminating your top emitters and uncovering key findings.

Compare reports over time

Establish a consistent system for managing emissions data, enabling reliable year-on-year comparisons. Leverage truly comparable reports to generate actionable insights for informed decision-making.

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ESG Data Concierge™

A concierge-level service to simplify and automate eco data collection.
Gather, clean, transform and map emissions data.


Dedicated Onboarding Service

With our human-led approach to onboarding, you're never alone in the complex process of gathering emissions data. Our team provides step-by-step guidance and continuous support, simplifying data collection.


Operations Mapping

Convert everyday business tasks into clear carbon emissions data, helping you see your operations from a new environmental impact perspective. Transform data to reveal carbon ‘hotspots’ to make informed decisions.


Multiformat Data Ingestion

Seamlessly import data in various formats such as PDFs, APIs, utility logins, CSVs and more. Simplify the complexity of diverse data sources to transform them into a unified, comprehensible snapshot of your emissions profile.


Flexible GHG Tracking System

Customizable GHG tracking enables organizations to adaptively monitor according to need. Capture data on scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions while accounting for additional factors such as carbon, water, and waste.


Precision Data Verification

We meticulously align your data with the strictest standards, giving you precise figures — not approximations. By identifying and filling data gaps, we provide a comprehensive and accurate portrayal of your carbon footprint.


GHG Protocol Compliant

Our methodology complies rigorously with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, ensuring robust and up-to-date emissions accounting. As the field of carbon accounting intensifies and evolves, we proactively refine and enhance our approach to keep your company at the forefront of sustainable practices.

Compliance & Methodologies

Verifiable data built according to sustainability reporting standards

Our Greenhouse Gas Protocol compliant approach supports a range of carbon accounting standards, including TCFD, SASB, CDP, GRI, Science Based Targets, and more.

  • Built according to GHG Protocol methodology
  • Aligned with sustainability reporting standards
  • Data validation, ready for third-party verification
Card Grid

We report to a long list of disclosure organizations. With the SustainaBase system I always have the information I need on hand.

Brian Pavlik

Financial controls manager, Syniverse

SustainaBase's approach to carbon emissions, water, and waste footprint mapping, monitoring, reduction, and achieving neutrality is very forward thinking and built for today as well as the future. I’m very excited to have partnered with them on Garden of Life’s Carbon Neutral Certification journey.

Jeff Brams

General Counsel & VP SCIENCE & INTERNATIONAL, Garden of Life, A NESTLE BRAND

With SustainaBase I always know the impact of my programs so I have the power to choose the solutions to best meet our carbon reduction goals.

Rebecca Harvey

Sustainability Coordinator, City of Boynton Beach, FL

Real sustainability
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Stop wrestling with emissions data and start paving a path to sustainability. Connect with our team to discover how SustainaBase transforms your climate speedbumps into fast lanes.