Our Story

A history of helping customers focus on what really matters.

Our mission is to help our customers focus on what really matters- setting valuable goals, monitoring progress, implementing strategies, and communicating efforts and successes. We saw cities and governments pouring through utility data, handling clunky spreadsheets, sweating over technical calculations, shifting through email, trying to find PDF reports sitting in someone’s office, and toiling to communicate their efforts. They struggled with sustainability initiatives due to outdated and even non-existent information.

Our team knew there was a better way, and that’s why we founded SustainaBase – to facilitate and improve the sustainability initiatives of our customers by optimizing the collection, analysis and management of sustainability data.

Our customers’ success is our success. 

Together, we can improve sustainability initiatives. How will we know when we’ve succeeded?

  • When we make it effortless for a customer to set a carbon reduction goal and check progress towards that goal in a manner of minutes.
  • When a customer is able to easily communicate sustainability data requested by the marketing department, executive team or investors.
  • When a customer can quickly see whether money spent on a retrofit project is paying off.
  • When a customer can focus on implementing key strategies based on valid data at their fingertips.
  • When a customer can find key energy performance reports and information in one or two clicks.
  • When multiple departments, including sales, marketing, and finance seamlessly collaborate and use sustainability information.

Any time our customers use SustainaBase’s Data-Driven Sustainability™ to succeed in their sustainability initiatives, we succeed.

Become part of our story.

Today, SustainaBase is one of the leading innovators in sustainability-data control and management, and works with governments and companies of any size to improve their sustainability efforts. SustainaBase is comprised of a comprehensive, hands-on team of experts in sustainability, data management and technology, with considerable experience and knowledge.

Talk to our team and find out how your organization can become part of our story. We are happy to answer your questions, schedule a demo of our platform, and discuss your specific goals.