Data Collection

Gathering the Details Defined by Your Organization

As we move into the data collection stage, SustainaBase makes the data collection process painless, and as hands-on or hands-off as your organization requires. We will collect data based on the data collection strategy and roadmap set up during onboarding. During onboarding, based on your organization’s needs and goals, we develop a data collection strategy and roadmap. This strategy determines the type of data to collect, such as electricity use, water use, and/or airline miles traveled, as well as the right data collection process for your organization, based on our platform’s unique data collection options. The strategy also determines whether to let us do all the data collection work, have your staff easily provide data through our solution, have third-parties directly connect to our system, or a combination.

During data collection, we implement the data collection strategy determined during onboarding. This means that we, your staff, third parties, or a combination, begin collecting the types of data required by your organization. Our systems are ready to easily obtain, quantify and organize complex and voluminous data points, and convert the data into useful units of measure (such as kilowats per hour, CO2s and dollars) and data visualizations.

Next Step: Implementation & Support