Nsight: Crafting a Carbon Accounting Benchmark for the Future


Companies embarking on a sustainability journey for the first time need to establish a baseline. This case study highlights our partnership with Nsight, a company taking initial steps toward embracing sustainability by quantifying their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and adopting a reduction plan. Our project encompassed establishing a carbon accounting system, compiling historical data to determine a benchmark year, and creating a tracking and monitoring system to support Nsight in achieving their sustainability objectives.


Established a GHG emissions baseline using input data from facilities, vehicles and engineering, among others. Data was methodically ingested into our carbon accounting system and mapped using our GHG protocol-compliant methodology.


By leveraging historical data, we successfully determined a benchmark year for Nsight one year ahead of their anticipated timeline. This accelerated progress enables SustainaBase to track and monitor Nsight’s Scope 1 and 2 emissions sooner. This allows Nsight to make informed decisions and swiftly act on their sustainability plan. Consequently, Nsight is now better positioned to progress toward their ultimate objective of becoming a net-zero company.

  • Data Ingestion
  • ESG Data Concierge™
  • Data Mapping
  • Custom Emissions Factor Modeling
  • Striving for net-zero status as a company

At SustainaBase, we believe every company has a critical role to play in building a sustainable future. We’re proud to share our recent collaboration with Nsight, a telecommunications company committed to reducing its carbon footprint. By working closely with Nsight’s sustainability lead, we established a baseline year for their GHG emissions, enabling them to track their progress toward achieving sustainability goals.

Nsight is a telecommunications company that provides various telecommunication services, including mobile and fixed voice services, high-speed internet and digital TV, primarily in Northeastern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan in the United States. They offer their services to residential and business customers, focusing on quality customer service and utilizing advanced technology to meet the needs of their customers.

Nsight’s Strategic Approach to Sustainability: A Collaboration with SustainaBase

Before working with SustainaBase, Nsight had a desire and commitment to embark on its sustainability journey. However, the company struggled with finding a concrete framework, essential tools and guidance to undertake this ambitious endeavor successfully.

“You can only recycle so much. We asked ourselves, how can we take that further?” shares Samantha Barnett, NSight’s Communications Specialist.

Under the leadership of CEO Brighid Riordan, Nsight designated former facilities head Michael “Mick” O’Malley as the company’s internal sustainability champion. O’Malley describes his transition into the role as a “good and natural fit” as he was already knowledgeable of the intricacies behind Nsight’s daily operations and logistics.


“If we could do small things and all work together to be more careful with our environmental footprint, we could change the world. We have to be courageous and do it.” — Brighid Riordan, Nsight CEO


Moreover, Nsight recognized that a shift toward more sustainable practices was not only something their solid customer base desired but one they actively monitored. This became particularly evident in 2022 when Nsight replaced plastic bags with compostable alternatives; a move that was met with customer appreciation and commendation.

Given these factors, it seemed only appropriate for Nsight to seize the moment and put their sustainability strategy into motion.

Bridging Data Gaps in Nsight’s Emissions Evaluation with ESG Data Concierge™

Our collaboration with Nsight began in late 2022, with the goal of evaluating their scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions, starting with facilities data. Working closely with Nsight’s sustainability lead, our process started with a straightforward approach: employing our ESG Data Concierge™. We collected essential historical data from the year, including electricity bills, gasoline, diesel and natural gas receipts, to establish a benchmark for future inputs.

As we received data inputs, we supported Nsight in identifying and addressing data gaps. This process phase proved relatively uncomplicated thanks to Nsight’s comprehensive data records and our scientifically grounded methodology. Consequently, we were able to establish a baseline measurement and provide Nsight with the most efficient turnaround time for setting facilities energy usage and emissions data.

Engineering Data — Bringing a Complex Solution to Scale

Upon completing the facilities data analysis, we shifted our focus to engineering data, applying the same process and scientific methodology. However, engineering data demands a more intricate approach, particularly when striving for the highest possible accuracy given the complexity of the situation rather than merely obtaining a rough estimate.

The complexity arises from the significant variations in equipment types at each facility, compounded by the fact that each facility is unique, leading to further discrepancies in the data inputs received at any given moment.

Fortuitously, Nsight is ambitious in setting sustainability goals and demonstrates an emphatic commitment to precision. Embracing the challenge, they eagerly participated in the meticulous process.

To tackle this complex task, we broke down the obstacles into phases and addressed each systematically. Given the high degree of customization required, we first established scientifically robust parameters and determined sample sizes for each equipment type and variation at each location. We dedicated considerable effort to identifying the specific needs of each facility and proceeded to gather all necessary inputs before scaling the approach. While this method is more labor-intensive, it provides organizations with the most accurate representation of their emissions portfolio and a comprehensive understanding of company assets.

Embracing Sustainability: Nsight’s Comprehensive 2023 Action Plan

Nsight initially anticipated 2023 as their benchmark year. However, our thorough analysis enabled us to establish 2022 as their baseline, putting them a full year ahead of schedule. Consequently, we can now dedicate 2023 to the ongoing monitoring and reporting of Nsight’s emissions, reinforcing their commitment to sustainability and promoting greater transparency within the business community. This acceleration frees Nsight to begin executing their sustainability goals more promptly.

Let’s take a look at Nsight’s 2023 roadmap. Utilizing the data provided by SustainaBase, Nsight’s ambitious 2023 plan includes:

  • Tracking scope 1 & 2 emissions
  • Implementing internal engagement opportunities to promote company sustainability initiatives
    • Communicating and involving employees in sustainability efforts
    • Launching an intranet program called “The Loop,” part of of which’s purpose is to communicate sustainability progress
    • Internal podcast partially used to share sustainability information with employees
  • Regularly updating management and executives on the company’s carbon footprint as they manage and reduce it
  • Initiating engineering team projects to explore renewable energy alternatives throughout 2023
  • Investigating initiatives for offsets
  • Forecasting energy savings swaps that result in cost savings

The success of their sustainability initiatives is further bolstered by ongoing external efforts with customers and within the community directly. Both customers and non-customers have responded positively to each incremental sustainability measure, reinforcing Nsight’s conviction in their chosen path. Accomplishments thus far consist of:

  • Conducting a survey to gauge customers’ and non-customers opinions on sustainability, which helped solidify their commitment to sustainable practices
  • Switching to compostable sugar cane shopping bags with natural dyes and actively seeking similar sustainable alternatives in other areas
  • Increasing pollinator gardens and natural grass spaces at and near their corporate campus
  • Earth Day sustainability Podcast with CEO Brighid Riordan and Director of Sustainability Mick O’Malley in which they shared an update on these activities and encouraged employees to take small steps to reduce emissions at work and at home

With Nsight’s efforts, customers can take pride in knowing that they contribute positively to the environment. In turn, Nsight can take satisfaction in not only advancing their own sustainability journey, but in assisting their customers to carve their own sustainable paths as well.

The Data Management Plan Moving Forward

Nsight’s unwavering commitment simplified a complex process, demonstrating the power of dedication.

Our collaboration with Nsight highlights the significance of organizations adopting a proactive stance on sustainability. By establishing a baseline year, Nsight can now track their progress in reducing carbon emissions and make informed decisions to achieve their sustainability goals. Let Nsight’s trailblazing example be a beacon for other companies poised to embark on their own journeys toward a more sustainable future.

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