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A carbon accounting solution for accurate measurement, tracking, and reporting of telecom-related GHG emissions.

You keep the world connected and as expectations for sustainable practices grow, the spotlight is on you to lead the way in eco-friendly innovation. SustainaBase empowers you to take charge of your carbon footprint, turning your commitment to the environment into a competitive advantage. Our platform not only tracks and reports emissions but also provides the insights needed to make strategic decisions that resonate with your values. By partnering with us, you're not just managing emissions — you're shaping a future where technology and sustainability go hand in hand.

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Streamline Data Center Complexity

Tackle the intricate landscape of telecom data centers, where the blend of owned and leased facilities adds layers of complexity. From fuel consumption to HVAC systems, our platform simplifies estimation and modeling, transforming a web of variables into a coherent picture of your carbon footprint.

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Master Scope 3 Emissions

Scope 3 emissions loom large as the telecom industry's most formidable challenge. With a mix of leased assets and indirect control over energy use, gathering precise data can feel like navigating a maze. SustainaBase sheds light on this path, providing the tools you need to capture and analyze elusive data, piecing together a comprehensive emissions strategy.

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Pave the Way to NetZero

As data centers are poised to become major contributors to global emissions, the journey to NetZero becomes steeper. Limited control over network operations and data centers complicates emission reduction efforts. Our platform offers the insights needed to overcome these hurdles, guiding you towards effective solutions for carbon reductions.

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Meet Stakeholder Demands

In a world where industry titans demand transparency in carbon data, being unprepared is not an option. SustainaBase empowers you to meet and exceed these expectations, ensuring your company shines in RFPs and showcases its commitment to sustainability. Stand out as a leader in the telecom industry, ready for the challenges and opportunities of a low-carbon economy.

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Your network's environmental progress. Now in focus.

Data Collection Portal

Effortlessly gather data from various sources, including direct utility log-ins, customer created spreadsheets and automatic data integrations, ensuring a comprehensive view of your telecom operations.

Bridging Gaps in Telecom Emissions

Accurately track and quantify emissions from data centers, network infrastructure, and more. Our solution scales with your operations, providing precise scope 1, 2, & 3 emissions data, essential for managing the unique challenges of the telecom industry.

Data Dashboard

A comprehensive overview of your company’s emissions, water and waste at a glance. Easily dissect and analyze data for deep, actionable insights.

Tech-Powered, Human-Driven

Our hybrid approach blends machine intelligence with expert insight, pinpointing data gaps and guiding transformations in the telecom sector. Align usage with emissions factors, ensuring every challenge finds its solution.

Emissions Hotspot Detection

Advanced data segmentation tools allow you to identify hotspots within your telecom operations, uncovering key areas for carbon reduction in data centers, cell towers, and more.

Global Standards, Seamless Compliance

Navigate the complex regulatory landscape with ease, meeting and exceeding standards like CDP, SASB, and EU regulations. Ensure robust reporting, verification, and disclosure across all compliance programs in the telecom industry.

Time-Span Reporting

Establish a robust emissions management system for consistent year-over-year data analysis. Utilize comparably structured reports to generate actionable insights, guiding strategic decisions in the fast-evolving telecom sector.

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Customized GHG solutions for every aspect of connection.

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In the competitive landscape of telecom equipment, sustainability gives companies a distinct advantage. Our platform enables telecom manufacturers and suppliers to track emissions from production to disposal, integrating eco-consciousness into every device.

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Telecom service providers are the lifeline of digital communication, and sustainability is becoming their pulse. We provide tools for service providers to track and manage emissions across their operations, from data centers to customer support, aiming a greener footprint in every call and click.

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Wireless Communication

As wireless communication continues to evolve, so does the opportunity for environmental innovation. Our solution helps providers monitor and reduce emissions from network infrastructure to mobile connectivity, transforming wireless into a beacon of sustainability.

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