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A carbon accounting solution to measure, track and report GHG emissions.

In the bustling world of retail and restaurants, your brand touches lives every day. And in an era when sustainability is a mandate, not a choice, your pledge to follow eco-friendly practices sets you apart. SustainaBase transforms your sustainability claims into hard data, turning green into gold for marketers, management, and CEOs alike. With our tools, you don't just track and report emissions — you make informed decisions that elevate your brand's integrity.

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Centralize Carbon Complexity Across Locations

Tackle the challenge of managing carbon data across multiple locations with varied regulations and metrics. Streamline data collection by using precise emissions factors tailored to each location, simplifying complex tracking into an efficient process for smarter, quicker decision-making. Ensure compliance and precision, whether navigating state, city, or even global regulations.

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Stand Out in Eco-Conscious Markets

In a world where consumers increasingly value eco-conscious choices, it's crucial to highlight your sustainability efforts. Showcase your environmental commitment and set your brand apart in a competitive marketplace. Resonate with environmentally aware consumers, ensuring your brand is recognized as a leader in sustainability with the data to back it up.


Streamline Carbon Tracking for Purchased Goods

Simplify the complex task of calculating emissions for purchased goods and services, even when there are multiple products and factors to consider. Our approach provides spend-based and activity-based carbon accounting factors, allowing you to accurately assess the carbon footprint of your raw materials and finished products, all the while fostering collaboration with suppliers and other stakeholders to ensure transparency and accuracy in emissions reporting.

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Maximize Efficiency & Profit Margins

In an industry with razor-thin margins, every penny counts. Gain detailed insights into your operations, from electricity consumption to packaging expenses, to pinpoint inefficiencies and reduce costs. Our solution offers a cost-effective way to get a comprehensive overview of your carbon footprint while unlocking significant savings.

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Your Multi-Location Data. Now in Harmony.

Centralized Data Collection Portal

Seamlessly gather and aggregate organizational data for all locations; from direct utility log-ins, customer created spreadsheets, automatic data integrations and more.

Comprehensive Emissions Tracking

Accurately monitor emissions from raw material sourcing to final product delivery. Our scalable solution ensures precise tracking of scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions, supporting both local and global retail and restaurant chains.

Insightful Data Dashboard

Get a clear overview of your emissions, water, and waste with our intuitive dashboard. Easily dissect and analyze data for deep, actionable insights.

Tech-Powered, Human-Driven

Our hybrid approach blends machine intelligence with expert insight. Identify data gaps, align usage with emissions factors, and find solutions to every sustainability challenge in your retail or restaurant operation.

Pinpoint Emission Hotspots

Advanced data segmentation tools allow you to identify hotspots and dissect emissions by facility, fleet, and more, uncovering key areas for carbon reduction.

Global Standards, Seamless Compliance

Effortlessly meet and exceed voluntary and regulatory standards — such as CDP, SASB, EU — with our platform. Ensure robust reporting, verification, and disclosure, keeping your company compliant and ahead of the curve.

Time-Span Reporting

Establish a robust emissions management system for consistent year-over-year data analysis and ensuring business continuity. Generate comparably structured reports to gain actionable insights, guiding strategic decisions.

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Tailored carbon solutions from runways to restaurants.

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The restaurant industry is a melting pot of flavors and environmental responsibilities. Our platform serves up a recipe for success, enabling restaurants to track and reduce emissions from farm to table, enhancing both dining experiences and environmental impact.

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Apparel retail has the opportunity to weave sustainability into the fabric of fashion. Our solution enables clothing retailers to monitor emissions from textile production to the retail rack, dressing the industry in transparency with responsible fashion choices that will stay in style.

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In the world of furniture retail, sustainability is becoming as important as style and comfort. Our solution assists furniture retailers in measuring and managing emissions throughout the product lifecycle, from material sourcing to delivery, supporting responsible business practices.

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Convenience stores are a staple of modern life, and our platform drives environmental accountability down to the local level. We enable c-stores to track emissions from energy consumption to product logistics, turning everyday operations into opportunities for eco-friendly choices to differentiate your brand and win in a crowded marketplace.

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