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A carbon accounting solution for professional service providers.

As key influencers in the world of professional services, your role is crucial in shaping business practices. Your commitment to service goes beyond driving growth; it includes leading the charge in sustainability. At SustainaBase, we recognize that quality data is the cornerstone of this integration. We equip you with the tools to accurately track and analyze emissions data — from your operations to your clients' — empowering you to make informed decisions and implement science-based changes as a tangible and integral part of your business strategy.

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Boost Brand Value & Customer Loyalty

Integrate environmental goals into the fabric of your brand to authentically walk the talk. Leverage environmental data that resonates with value-driven clients to amplify your brand's strength, enhancing customer acquisition and retention. By prioritizing sustainability you create long term value for customers, employees and stakeholders.


Keep Pace as an Emerging Leader

Master the complexities of environmental reporting, from industry roundtables to environmental commitment reports, solidifying your leadership in the industry. Streamline data collection and analysis to effortlessly compile and present sustainability data to your relevant stakeholders. By aligning with industry standards, you ensure that you stay relevant and secure your status as a leader and innovator in your field.

eco steward

Demonstrate Environmental Stewardship

Lead by example, working closely with clients to help them develop informed sustainability strategies. Inspire clients while providing expert guidance and assistance in aligning best practices for integrating data into cohesive carbon footprints. 

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Empower a Unified, Talented Workforce

Optimize staff commuting, office utilization and business travel. Educate teams on critical emissions monitoring, aligning your entire workforce with shared environmental objectives and bridging organizational knowledge gaps. Embodying your commitment to sustainability strengthens your brand and attracts top talent eager to contribute to a purpose-driven organization.

Over 1/3 of industry executives from midsize professional services firms see sustainability advancement as the top priority to improve revenue growth

72% of CEOs worldwide are concerned about climate change

Companies that outsource to sustainable suppliers can reduce their carbon emissions by up to 25%

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Sustainability expertise. Now at your fingertips.

Data Collection Portal

Seamlessly gather organizational data from direct utility log-ins, customer created spreadsheets, automatic data integrations and more.

A Single Source of Truth

Consolidate an accurate scope of 1, 2 & 3 emissions data across you and your clients’ data operations.

Data Dashboard

A comprehensive overview of your company’s emissions, water and waste at a glance. Easily dissect and analyze data for deep, actionable insights.

Tech-Powered, Human-Driven

Our hybrid approach blends machine intelligence with expert insight, pinpointing data gaps and guiding transformations, acting as a powerful calculator to align usage with emissions factors, ensuring every problem finds its solution.

Hotspot Detection

Advanced data segmentation tools allow you to identify hotspots and dissect emissions by uncovering key areas for carbon reduction by project and business activity.

Global Standards, Seamless Compliance

Effortlessly meet and exceed voluntary and regulatory standards (CDP, SASB, EU, and more), ensuring robust reporting, verification, and disclosure across all compliance programs.

Time-Span Reporting

Establish a robust emissions management system for consistent year-over-year data analysis. Utilize comparably structured reports to generate actionable insights, guiding strategic decisions.

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Customized GHG solutions for diverse firms & teams.

architecture engineering

Architecture + Engineering

Architects and engineers quite literally shape the future, and every detail matters — including environmental impact. We offer a dual approach to sustainability, enabling firms to track both their operational footprint and measure emissions per project.

advertising promotion

Advertising & Promotion

In the fast-paced world of advertising and promotion, creativity meets sustainability. We enable agencies to showcase their commitment to the environment, integrating carbon-conscious strategies into their campaigns and operations, setting a green standard in the industry.



Sustainability lays the groundwork for modern construction, and our platform equips industry professionals with the blueprint of progress. We empower developers, contractors and suppliers to analyze their carbon impact down to the level of pinpointing emissions per material, leading to greener projects.

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Law Firm + Legal

Precision and compliance are hallmarks of the legal industry. Our solutions provide law firms with the tools to meticulously manage their carbon footprint, ensuring they meet the strictest standards in sustainability regulation and client expectations.

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