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A carbon accounting solution to measure, track and report manufacturing emissions.

As the backbone of production, your role is pivotal in guiding operations. Not just to drive company growth, but in leading sustainable practices as well. In a sector that significantly impacts corporate greenhouse gas emissions, your dedication to meticulous carbon, water, and waste management is invaluable and often under appreciated. At SustainaBase, we equip you with the tools to precisely track and quantify emissions data — from raw material extraction right through to final product delivery — empowering you to take informed action and implement changes based in data and science.

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Centralize fragmented supply chain data

Tackle the chaos of scattered emissions information head-on. Our unified platform consolidates your GHG data, transforming disjointed tracking into a streamlined, efficient process for smarter, quicker decision-making.

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Simplify Complex Data Reports

Eliminate the frustration of conveying complex environmental data. Translate intricate emissions insights into crystal-clear reports, ensuring transparent communication with stakeholders to empower informed environmental strategies.

minimize risk

Minimize risk, streamline compliance

Reduce the burden and stress of compliance. Safeguard the future of your business using carbon accounting to confidently cut operational inefficiencies and simplify environmental regulatory adherence.

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Unlock time & cost

Leverage carbon accounting to effectively cut through operational inefficiencies, freeing you and your team to focus valuable time and effort on high-value, strategic projects that drive sustainable growth and innovation.

1/5 of the world's carbon emissions come from the manufacturing & production sectors

Global production sectors consume 54% of the world's energy sources

Supply chain emissions are on average over 11x higher than operational emissions

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One tool. Cross-functional collaboration.

Data Collection Portal

Seamlessly gather organizational data from direct utility log-ins, customer created spreadsheets, automatic data integrations and more.

Manufacturing Emissions, Managed

Precisely track and quantify every emission from raw material extraction to final product delivery. Our solution scales with you, ensuring accurate scope 1, 2 & 3 emissions data across local, regional, and global operations.

Data Dashboard

A comprehensive overview of your company’s emissions, water and waste at a glance. Easily dissect and analyze data for deep, actionable insights.

Tech-Powered, Human-Driven

Our hybrid approach blends machine intelligence with expert insight, pinpointing data gaps and guiding transformations, acting as a powerful calculator to align usage with emissions factors, ensuring every problem finds its solution.

Hotspot Detection

Advanced data segmentation tools allow you to identify hotspots and dissect emissions by facility, fleet and more, uncovering key areas for carbon reduction.

Global standards, Seamless Compliance

Effortlessly meet and exceed voluntary and regulatory standards — such as CDP, SASB, EU — ensuring robust reporting, verification, and disclosure across all compliance programs.

Time-Span Reporting

Establish a robust emissions management system for consistent year-over-year data analysis. Utilize comparably structured reports to generate actionable insights, guiding strategic decisions.

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Tailored GHG solutions for every manufacturing niche.

sb manufacturing - semiconductors


Semiconductors demand precision, and so do we. Our solutions cater to the unique challenges of the semiconductor industry, ensuring meticulous carbon management and compliance.

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Contract Manufacturers

For contract manufacturing, flexibility and efficiency are key. Our platform is designed to adapt to your diverse client needs, ensuring seamless carbon accounting across all projects.

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Agriculture & Food

For Agriculture and Food industries, emissions reporting is as essential as tracking waste and water.  Our tool addresses both upstream and downstream emissions across supply chains for precise impact assessments and disclosures.

sb manufacturing - packaging


In the world of packaging, sustainability is as vital as durability. Our carbon accounting tool is tailored to help you balance eco-friendliness with functionality, ensuring your packaging solutions are green inside and out.

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Track & manage GHG emissions across your supply chain, from extraction to delivery.

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