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A carbon accounting solution for accurate measurement, tracking, and reporting of institutional GHG emissions.

You support the movers and shakers in your community; now it's your turn to lead. As you inspire others towards excellence, seize the opportunity to exemplify environmental leadership. SustainaBase equips you to master your carbon management, turning sustainability commitments into a hallmark of your mission.  Our platform enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of your institution's sustainability efforts, supporting your long-term plans. By collaborating with us, you're not just managing emissions — you're setting a standard and leading by example.

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Simplify Complex Fleet & Facility Emissions

Master the intricate dynamics of institution-wide emissions, where extensive fleet and facility operations contribute significantly to Scope 1 & 2 footprints. From leased assets to on-site energy consumption, SustainaBase converts complex data streams into a clear, actionable overview of your carbon impact. Simplify the management of your diverse assets and enhance sustainability oversight with precision and ease.

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Elevate Transparency & Set Community Benchmarks

Lead with integrity in your community by setting unparalleled standards in sustainability. Institutions face a profound duty to be transparent about their emissions and environmental impact, serving as exemplars for citizens, students, and other stakeholders. SustainaBase enables you to not only meet but surpass these expectations by providing clear, accessible emissions data and insights.

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Modernize Sustainability Management with Efficiency

Transform your sustainability efforts from cumbersome to cutting-edge. Many institutions operate with one or two people managing expansive sustainability initiatives, often hindered by outdated tools and limited resources. SustainaBase is engineered to empower these small but mighty teams by providing easy-to-use, powerful tools tools that streamline carbon management processes without the need for extensive resources.

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Optimize Operations with Data-Driven Insights

Unlock the full potential of your institution's sustainability efforts. Our platform harnesses the power of emissions data to reveal hidden efficiencies in your operations, from reducing utility costs to minimizing water consumption. Given the complex infrastructure of institutions – especially when scaled – these resource optimizations can significantly alleviate budget constraints.

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GHG data management for sustainable governance.

Data Collection Portal

Seamlessly gather institutional data from direct utility log-ins, customer created spreadsheets, automated integrations, ensuring comprehensive coverage of all your emission sources – from campus facilities to municipal utilities.

Data Integration Capabilities

Seamlessly integrate data from diverse sources, including campus energy meters, municipal vehicle tracking systems, and utility databases, creating a unified view of your emissions landscape.

Data Dashboard

Gain a complete overview of your institution's emissions, water, and waste metrics at a glance. Our dashboard allows you to easily break down and analyze data, providing deep, actionable insights that drive sustainability initiatives.

Tech-Powered, Human-Driven

Our hybrid approach blends machine intelligence with expert insight, pinpointing data gaps and guiding transformations, acting as a powerful calculator to align usage with emissions factors, ensuring every challenge is met with a tailored solution.

Emissions Hotspot Detection

Advanced data segmentation tools allow you to identify hotspots and dissect emissions by facility, fleet, and more, uncovering key areas for carbon reduction.

Global Standards, Seamless Compliance

Effortlessly meet and exceed voluntary and regulatory standards (CDP, SASB, EU, and more), ensuring robust reporting, verification, and disclosure across all compliance programs.

Time-Span Reporting

Establish a robust emissions management system for consistent year-over-year data analysis. Use structured reports to generate insights that inform strategic decisions and engage stakeholders across your institution in sustainability initiatives.

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Customized GHG solutions for thriving communities.


Universities & Educational Institutions

As frequent champions of carbon neutrality, universities leverage SustainaBase to manage emissions from campus-wide operations effectively. Our platform supports comprehensive tracking and stakeholder engagement, setting a sustainability standard for educational environments.



Stewards of urban sustainability, municipalities utilize our platform to streamline city-wide energy management and sustainability efforts. Enhanced tracking and strategic emissions reduction capabilities support the cultivation of a healthier, greener community environment.

Utility Companies

Utility Companies

As pivotal facilitators of energy production and distribution, utility companies are strongly incentivized to master scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions management for enhanced environmental compliance and sustainability. Our platform bolsters these efforts by providing the essential insights and tools needed for emissions oversight.

Estates Wineries

Estates & Wineries

Functioning as self-contained communities, estates and wineries prioritize sustainable agricultural practices and energy management. Our platform helps estates adeptly manage and report their environmental footprint, ensuring compliance with stringent government sustainability regulations and enabling operations that contribute positively to the environment.



Transit authorities operate at the intersection of institutions and transportation, demonstrating significant emissions reductions through sophisticated fleet management. Our platform provides crucial data insights that enable transit sectors to make informed decisions, optimizing sustainability strategies and enhancing the efficiency of operations.

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