SustainaBase Software gives City Furniture insights to Deliver Carbon Neutrality

For City Furniture, nothing is more important than home and they recognize that no home needs more care than our planet. That’s why they have set a goal to be carbon neutral in their showrooms, delivery fleet, warehouses, and corporate offices by 2040.

City Furniture has been taking significant strides toward their goal. But they didn’t have a way to look at their entire operations through a carbon emissions lens to understand how the actions they were taking were translating to carbon emissions reductions.

The SustainaBase Platform Empowers City Furniture to Track Progress Toward Their Carbon Neutral Goal

City Furniture has an impressive array of sustainability and carbon emissions reduction initiatives both already in place and planned. They have eight LEED Certified showrooms with two more in the process of being certified. Across their facilities, they have upgraded both internal and external lighting to efficient LED lighting, as well as replaced over forty HVAC units with high-efficiency models. They participate in the FPL SolarTogether Program to offset 500kW of electricity and they are installing a privately owned 420kW solar PV system at one of their showrooms.

When it comes to their fleet, they are the first in their industry to have converted their entire delivery fleet to either compressed natural gas (CNG) or renewable natural gas (RNG). And looking ahead they have ordered five Tesla electric semi-trucks and three CyberTrucks.

A Direct Connection To Energy Star Portfolio Delivers Building Benchmark

The data that has been cleaned, transformed, and entered into the SustainaBase system is sent via API connection to the Energy Star Portfolio Manager. This gives City Furniture an immediate understanding of how their buildings score relative to other similar types of buildings. It’s another tool that helps with energy efficiency program management. Based on their scores they are pursuing Energy Star Building Certification for multiple buildings.

Transperancy Delivered

With all these initiatives, City Furniture needed a way to look at their carbon emissions across all of their different activities. The data come from a range of sources in different formats and measurements. City Furniture turned to SustainaBase to confidently and accurately collect, transform, and convert this disparate information into a dynamic carbon emissions view of their operations.

They also chose the SustainaBase platform because it clearly calculates and visualizes the benefits and reductions being achieved by RECs, community solar, renewable energy, and the transition to CNG/RNG and electric vehicles.

Before working with SustainaBase the City Furniture team didn’t have a way to visualize the data all in one central platform across their operations. Now they can effectively manage performance against their carbon emissions reduction goals.

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