It’s How Syniverse Dynamically Manages ESG Reporting

Syniverse is a leader in the mobile marketing sector and part of the Carlyle Group portfolio. The company began working with SustainaBase in 2015 to build an accurate and accessible inventory of their emissions and report ESG data.

With SustainaBase, Syniverse Has Consistent and Thorough Emissions Tracking Year After Year

As part of their commitment to reporting progress on environmental goals they share this data annually with a range of reporting frameworks including CDP and EcoVadis. The SustainaBase system tracks and calculates their progress as Syniverse takes environmental action, improves energy efficiency, and strives to reduce emissions.

An Emissions Tracking System as Far Reaching as Their Global Spanning Network

Syniverse has developed the largest private network ever built for linking to the mobile ecosystem. They deliver globe-spanning coverage to reach every device and every customer on the planet. When it comes to tracking their emissions and managing their carbon footprint, they needed a partner that could efficiently work with their offices from Tampa to Bengaluru, Beijing to Dubai. Additionally, they wanted to assess and track the emissions from their data centers which are among their Scope 3 emissions.

SustainaBase takes the hassle of collecting data from these far-flung facilities off the plate of the Syniverse team, applying an approach that ensures consistent quality data and methodology year after year.

Syniverse has performed a variety of tenant building improvements that included the installation of high-efficacy fixtures and lamps coupled with occupancy sensors and controls to reduce lighting-on-time. HVAC systems were designed to exceed code, featuring high SEER ratings. As Syniverse takes these and other actions to reduce emissions the impact of their initiatives is tracked and measured in the SustainaBase platform.

They also purchase Renewable Energy Credits (RECS) to further offset carbon emissions. Syniverse purchases Green-e® Energy Certified RECS. This certification means the renewable energy project meets the highest standards in North America and meets rigorous standards for environmental quality, marketed with complete transparency and accuracy. The carbon emissions offset by the purchase of RECs are accounted for in the SustainaBase system.

Be Ready to Share Progress With Your Customers and the World

SustainaBase makes it simple to report to the CDP, EcoVadis, customer and investor ESG systems, consumers, stakeholders, or any disclosure organization you choose.

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