See you at the Smart Cities Conference in Miami today? [SustainaBase Presenting]

Today is the Smart Cities Miami 2018 event, presented by Hotwire Communications. The event is organized by the University of Miami Center of Computational Science and will “explore the convergence of technology, design, and development in shaping of a new urban landscape transformed by disruptive innovation.”

Matt Zirkelbach, SustainaBase’s Co-Founder, will be speaking at 4 pm today, as part of the Smarter Cities: From Efficiency to Resilience and Sustainability panel, along with Rivergate Companies, the Fastrack Institute, Cisco IOT, Inacomp Technology Solutions Group, Deep Blocks, and Hotwire Communications. The panel will present and discuss emerging applications of the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and environmentally sustainable technology, in the context of a global and intensifying urbanization.

We hope to see you there! Click here to register.