Data-Driven Sustainability™

Our expert services and flexible online platform are used by governments and companies of any size for effortless collection, analysis, monitoring, sharing, reporting, control and management of their sustainability data.

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From Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventories to Water Use Inventories, we equip your community with real-time data to help Cities & Counties facilitate energy management.


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From Carbon Disclosure Reporting to Corporate Social Responsibility and more, we can help you target initiatives that will save time and money.


Sustainability Data At Your Fingertips

All the data you need to develop sustainability-related inventories, plans and reports that can be easily accessed and used by key individuals throughout your organization at any time. Instead of pouring through utility data, handling clunky spreadsheets, sweating over technical calculations and sifting through email, our solutions help your team focus on what really matters – setting valuable goals, monitoring progress, implementing strategies and communicating efforts and successes.

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We offer many ways to collect sustainability data, based on your preferences, budget and goals.


Our platform presents data in an easy-to-understand format, with search features, graphs, tables and other tools so that you can gain powerful insights into your operations, costs, usage and performance.


Dashboards help you check your progress toward your organization’s goals. Then, easily share information, progress and analysis with key individuals in your organization.


Use our platform’s standard reporting templates, or work with us to create custom reporting unique to your organization.


Take advantage of complete control over your sustainability data anytime, anywhere.


Online tools help your team collaborate on sustainability goals and manage company-wide efforts.

2016 cost savings by CDP supply chain members

billion dollars

Average city's CO2 emissions per capita


potential impact of sustainability challenges

% of EBITDA (according to McKinsey study)